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EGW Guitars

If you've made it this far, it means you're looking for more - looking for magic. And you know there's a good amount of that in the EGW Guitars Custom Shop.

I've played so many guitars over the course of time - many, many AMAZING guitars. But I never really connected with how the guitars looked ON me ON stage. I design EGW guitars from the ground up as THE GUITARS I will pick up - every time. All the design elements you would expect out of a pristine instrument... perfectly balanced...

Take a look at what we're building, and check back often... LOTS in the hopper. 

Custom Shop

A Kiss of Whiskey


Like a good rye she comes on strong, sings a smokey tune, and has a spicy finish.

Photo Apr 19 2023, 11 36 46 AM
Kiss of Whiskey "Mariana" 1
Photo Mar 08 2023, 9 33 10 AM_edited
Photo Mar 08 2023, 10 04 36 AM

Travis Brown Artist Series

EGW Guitars has teamed up with legendary tattoo artist Travis Brown - founder of Fleshworks Tattoo in Olympia, Washington. This limited run of guitars will feature several standard S-type styles in addition to the RYE90NiNE - hand painted by Travis, and built by Matt of EGW. 

Epic through and through. 

Photo May 01 2023, 1 33 13 PM
Zombie Kill 1
Zombie Kill BRAINS
Zombie Kill 4
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